On this Lord’s day a group of those who were members of the first Baptist Church of Roxboro, NC having secured their letters, met at Long’s Store for the organization of a Baptist Church Missionary in faith and Order.  On motion, Rev. Clyde Sullivan was elected moderator.  On motion, Brother Bryant Long was elected church clerk.  The church in conference called Rev. Clyde E. Sullivan as its pastor.  Brothers William Solomon and Jessie Clayton were elected deacons with Brother Bryant as ex. Officer.  Member Miss Ethel Clayton was elected church treasurer.  On motion, the church was named Theresa Baptist Church after Mr. Sullivan’s wife, Theresa. And so began Theresa Baptist Church on May 27, 1934. (taken from the original church minutes)

Although the church was formally organized in 1934, the church was beginning several months prior to that when Reverend Sullivan, then a salesman, felt lead of God to leave his home in Charlotte and begin preaching in Roxboro.  At that time, seeing the need of the Lock Lily Community (now called Chub Lake) to have a baptist church, started preaching on the front porch of homes.  The first prayer meeting was in the home of Johnnie & Monnie Clayton on the Woodsdale Rd.

When the church was organized, it had 42 members.  The first baptism was performed by Reverend W. F. West, pastor of the Roxboro Church, because Mr. Sullivan had not yet been ordained.  The church’s first meeting house was Long’s Store on Woodsdale Rd, what is now Country Club Rd.  The first baptism was in Chub Lake Pond. 


Three years later in 1937, Mr. William Solomon (deacon) contacted Mr. Dave Long and his son Alfred regarding a site on which to erect a church building.  One acre of land was secured from Mr Long and his son.  A sanctuary was built on this site the same year.  Mr. Long’s wife, Dora, was a charter member of the church.  Reverend Sullivan remained pastor until 1944.  Under his leadership the church membership grew to 120. 

Reverend BB Knight became pastor in 1944 and served until his death in 1948.  The church membership increased to 159 during his service as pastor.

Reverend John Wesley became pastor July 17, 1949 and served until his retirement in 1974.  During his length of service the church purchased more land and built a new sanctuary in 1950.  The first educational building was built in 1952 with a larger one being built in 1963.  The sanctuary was rebuilt in 1968. Under his leadership the church membership was increased by over 350 members and the SS enrollment reached over 350.

Reverend Gerald Stanley became pastor in 1975 and served until 1979.  Under his leadership the church purchased a parsonage in 1977.

Reverend Walter Gentry served as interim pastor until Herbert Brown was called as Theresa’s pastor in March 1980.  Herbert still continues to serve as pastor. During Herbert’s leadership the sanctuary was remodeled in 1985, a new parsonage was built in 1987 and a new fellowship hall was constructed in 1995.  Then in 2008, the church decided it needed more Sunday School classrooms and an even larger fellowship hall, so we embarked on our biggest project yet, and began using the new building in early 2009.  The church enrollment as of September 2010 is over 800 and the SS enrollment is 444.

The charter members were:


1.William Solomon

2.Hallie Mae Solomon

3.Ava Solomon (Briggs)

4.Era Solomon (Wrenn)

5.Clifton Solomon

6.Jessie Clayton

7.Mattie Clayton

8.Ollie Clayton

9.Talmadge Clayton

10.Ethel Clayton (Reaves)

11.Ava Head

12.Rennie Clayton

13.Mary Wilson

14.Bradsher Carver

15.Rover Duncan

16.Bryant Long

17.Lula Long

18.Monnie Clayton

19.Clark Solomon

20.Ed Long

21.Bernard Head

22.Weldon Carver

23.Lillie Hubbard

24.Walter Wilson

25.Sim Carver

26.Carlton Clayton

27.Lovie Sue Long

28.Mattie Wrenn

29.Mae Clayton

30.Dora Long

31.Emma Carver

32.Sallie Carver

33.Juddie Ashley

34.Mary Solomon

35.______ Solomon

36.Carrie Wilson (Carver)

37.Queenie Paul (Carver)

38.Zack Briggs

39.Judy Briggs

40.Selena Hicks

41.Floyd Hicks

42.Willie Carver